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Engineering Services Department

The primary objective is to:

The Engineering Services Department is responsible for the planning, design, construction, operations and maintenance of all municipal engineering services in terms of the Municipal Structures Act, act 117 of 1998, as amended. Some of these functions are subjected to annual review [to determine where it is best performed, at District or Local Municipality level] by the Demarcation Board and the MEC for Housing, Local Government and Traditional Affairs.

The Engineering Department is sub-divided into two (2) divisions:

1. Planning, Programme Development & Implementation; and

2. Operations

The office of the Director of Engineering services performs an overarching function of directing the individual divisions to plan their business in such a way that it meets the department’s overall goal of fully integrated development and with clear outputs that satisfy the district wide strategies and objectives as enshrined in Council’s 5-year Integrated Development Plan, which is reviewed annually.

The department is further divided into the following Units/Divisions

A. The Planning, Programme Development & Implementation division

This division if further split into three (3) units as follows:

a) Planning & Design;

b) Building and Services Planning; and

c) Project Management Unit (PMU)

Building and Services Planning Unit

BSP is managed by a Senior Manager: Mr Sikhumbuzo Yoko

  • Manages the regeneration of rural and urban communities through implementation of the Land Reform and Settlement Plan (LR&SP) and the Housing Strategy of the Amathole District. Regeneration of settlements starts from the Spatial Development Planning, Zone Planning as well as Layout planning.
  • Manages the Building Plan Control function in two local municipalities in the district while also giving support to the rest. 
  • Administer the Rural Transport Infrastructure and Services Grant (RTISG) in terms of the Division of Revenue Act (DORA), Constitution of South Africa White Paper on National Transport Policy, National Land Transport Act (Act 5 of 2009) and ADM SDBIP 2014/15. 
  • Manages the Road Asset Management System (RAMS) Program by Collection of Road Inventory data including condition assessment and traffic data and Setting up pavement and bridge management system compatible with national standards.

 The BSP Division is further split into three sub-units:

 1. The Building and Planning Services Unit is managed by a Manager: Bandile Gqweta

This unit deals with all the building and services projects implemented throughout the district. These include amenities, buildings, offices, renovations as well as building plan control function. The unit is also giving support in the rollout of ASAP through site inspection and project management expertise. 

 2. The Solid Waste Unit is managed by a Manager: Nosisa Tshika.

This unit deals with all solid waste projects implemented throughout the district. The projects include the regional solid waste sites and transfer stations. Future projects include alternative energy initiatives, composting, etc.

 3. The Transport Unit is managed by a Manager: Currently vacant.

This unit deals with all public transport projects implemented throughout the district. It also deals with the Road Asset Management System (RAMS) currently being developed for the district. These projects include public transport facilities, etc. The unit also represents ADM in the EC Integrated Transport Planning Committee. 

 Key Flagship Projects 

The ADM is working towards meeting the national water service delivery targets of “adequate potable and effective supply of safe water to all by 2014 and adequate and sustainable sanitation to all by 2014. The Institution has pursued an accelerated service delivery programme for sanitation in the current Medium Term Review Expenditure Framework (MTREF). The programme is in line with the Municipal Infrastructure Grant (MIG) and ADM’s objectives and goals to eradicate sanitation backlogs as well as enhance the quality of life of the communities within the seven local municipalities in the district.

 The ADM is also working towards meeting the national solid waste delivery target of “Ensure that solid waste and medical waste is managed in an integrated, environmentally friendly and sustainable manner throughout ADM by 2017”. The district continues to operate the Eastern Regional Solid Waste Site located in Ibika in Butterworths. This is the first of its kind in the Eastern Cape. Regionalisation of solid waste has been widely regarded as the most cost effective solid waste management option. 

The ADM is also working towards meeting the national transport delivery target of “All households to have access to public transport facilities, within 2km walking distance by 2022”. The ADM has completed it study into the operation and management of public transport facilities and is currently at implementation stage. The Road Asset Management System (RAMS) has passed the Strategic Framework for South Africa (RISFSA) stage. This stage allows all affected role players to assess the database and give comments on “Classification” and “Ownership”. Also, the first phase RAMS database has been completed and given to all affected parties. This database capture all amenities found in the district.

4. Contact Information (who to contact during working hours and standby 24/7 for emergencies)

Sikhumbuzo Yoko  043 703 5814/    084 8161 524


Planning & Design Unit 

This Unit is managed by a Senior Manager.  This position is currently vacant; the task falls on the Manager: Salie Peck.

 Key functions of the Planning Unit & Design include:

  • Identify water services infrastructure projects through consultation, investigation, regional planning, conceptualization, feasibility-studies and stakeholders-motivation.  
  • Compliance to the Water Services Act, 1997 (Act No. 108 of 1997), in reporting on the implementation of its water services development plan (WSDP) during each financial year.  
  • Develop and maintain the drawing and specification guidelines for ADM water services. 
  • Implementation of water services Special Projects: 
  • Interim water provision
  • Mayor’s sanitation projects.

The Planning and Design Unit envisage to soon extending its function into in-house draughting of water services small structures.

In addition, the Planning & Design Unit is also the custodian of the Sanitation Resource Centre.  This centre staff is managed by a Sanitation Resource Co-ordinator; Mkangeli Maseti. 

The Sanitation Resource Centre key functions are:

  • Exhibit various type of toilet structures available;
  • Explain and showcase the sanitation technologies implemented in the Amathole District;
  • Training of and monitoring of good sanitation practices in the communities;
  • Inspecting past sanitation projects to ensure that households are still utilizing toilets correctly and that toilets are still functioning.

 Contact Information:

• Planning Unit & Design : Salie Peck – 043 703 5825

• Sanitation Resource Centre : Mkangeli Maseti – 043 851 1110/3


Project Management Unit (PMU)


PMU is managed by a Senior Manager: Ms Nompucuko Badi

  • Provides basic level of services (water and sanitation) to the seven (7) Local Municipalities within ADM which are divided into three (3) regions managed by Regional Managers.
  • Administer the Municipal Infrastructure Grant (MIG) in terms of the Division of Revenue Act (DORA), Water Services Act, Constitution of South Africa and ADM SDBIP 2014/15.
  • Manages the Expanded Public Works Program (EPWP) by maximising job creation through infrastructure projects, develop emerging local contractors through V’ukuphile Learnership and Contractor Incubator Programme (CIP) which was launched as the MasakheSonke Incubator Programme together with IDZ.

The PMU Division is further split into three Regions:

  • Western Region is managed by a Regional Manager: Nyaniso Silinga

This Region deals with all the Infrastructure Projects implemented under Nkonkobe, Nxuba and Ngqushwa Local Municipality.

  • Central Region is managed by a Regional Manager: Sithembele Mgaju

This Region deals with all the Infrastructure Projects implemented under Amahlathi and Mnquma Local Municipality.

  • Eastern Region is managed by a Regional Manager: Amandla Nquma

This Region deals with all the Infrastructure Projects implemented under Great Kei and Mbhashe Local Municipality

Water Service Provider (WSP)

The WSP is dedicated to contributing to the betterment of our communities’ lives by providing access to appropriate, reliable and affordable water and sanitation services.  We are dedicated to ensuring equitable access to water and sanitation services for all our citizens and to ensuring that these services are provided professionally, reliably, cost effectively and sustainably (services are financially, environmentally, institutionally and socially sustainable).

Key functions of the WSP Division include:

• Maintaining all water sources (boreholes, dams, river abstractions);

• Operating and maintaining all pumpstations;

• Operating and maintaining water and waste water treatment facilities;

• Operating and maintain all water and sewer networks;

• Monitoring water use efficiency and reducing water loss;

• Asset Management.

In order to provide these services, the WSP comprises of the following:

General Manager

Stephen Nash (043 703 5854)

Senior Manager (Support Services)

Gervais Sery (043 703 5807)

Water Care Manager (Support Services)

Responsible for the Operations of all water and waste water treatment facilities - Mongezi Mabece (043 703 5857)

Engineer Infrastructure Assets (Support Services)

Responsible for asset management; including refurbishment, project management, water conservation and demand management – Thembekile Mdiya (043 703 5853)

Mechanical and Electrical Manager (Support Services)

Responsible for the maintenance of all electrical and mechanical equipment – Labeeb Fredericks (043 7012233)

Operations Managers:

There are currently three Operations Managers managing operations in the seven local municipalities.  These are:

 Western Region (Nkonkobe, Nxuba & Ngqushwa) – Managed by Nosikhumbuzo Loliwe (043 703 5850)

 Central Region (Great Kei & Amahlathi) – Managed by Luzuko Mdutyana (043 703 5848)

 Eastern Region (Mbashe & Mnquma) – Managed by Sakhiwo Balfour (043 703 5851)

Water quality is monitored by the Department of Water and Sanitation on a monthly basis and must conform to National Standards (SANS 241).