Legislative and Executive Support Services

  • The primary objective is to:

     The key strategic objects of the Legislative and Executive Support Services department are :-

    • To ensure a clean and accountable governance;
    • To ensure mainstreaming of Special Programmes into ADM programmes;
    • To deepen local democracy through community participation;
    • To ensure effective functioning of the Council structures; 



  • The department is made up of the following Units:

    1. Legislative Support  Services Unit

    The core functions of the unit are as follows:-

    • Provide support to the Speaker by facilitating the development and regular updating of Standing Rule and ensure that the rules comply with the relevant local government legislation;
    • Monitor the attendance of Councillors to Council committees and any workshops or seminars approved by the Speaker or Council;
    • Support the functioning of the Municipal Public Accounts Committee;
    • Provide support to the Chief Whip of the Council;
    • Coordinate and manage the moral regeneration activities;
    • Empower citizens within ADM to understand issues relating to the functioning of government institutions and their rights through the Civic Education Programme.


    2. Executive Support Services Unit

    The core functions of the unit are as follows:-


    • To create a sustainable positive relationship between the Council & the public; 
    • To manage and coordinate all public, council, council-sponsored events and activities, including imbizos, water forums and other community outreach programmes; 
    • To ensure that public participation is an integral part of service delivery; 
    • To ensure mainstreaming of the special programmes into the programmes and operations of ADM departments; 
    • To create structured platforms and institutional arrangements for effective participation of vulnerable groups in decision making, monitoring and evaluation of policies and programmes;
    • To combat the spread and mitigate the impact of the HIV and AIDS pandemic in the District Municipality; 
    • To coordinate and manage sports development programmes within the district.

    3. Council Support

    The core functions of the unit are as follows:-

    • To provide secretariat services to all Council structures, which include Section 79 and 80 Committees, Mayoral Committee, Council and other Ad-hoc meetings.  
    • To compile and distribute agendas, record the proceedings of meeting and prepare minutes.  
    • Ensures the development of an annual Schedule of Meetings.






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